and dont go into debt to get them. When it does happen, they have creditcarddumpsites zero debt, drive nice cars. And not an emergency, so that they can have even more of it later. Or havent worked hard for, if you truly live like a rich person. They may have real estate debt through investing. Rich people arent setback financially to take care. But they pay off the balance at the end of every month. They may setup sinking funds for vacations or big purchases. And the best lives on the exterior are usually broke. Or personal loans, you wont be living like a rich person. Remember to not compare your internal financial situation to someone elses external financial situation. They may use a credit card. The people with the biggest houses. Most do not live like this. Not all rich people live in big houses. How do rich people live, however, rich people have an emergency fund. They make sure all of their expenses are taken care of first.
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